Torch-On Membrane Waterproofing


AMCO Waterproofing uses APB Modified Torch-On Membrane - a durable, resilient and smooth-surfaced modified bitumen membrane. Torch-On Membranes are suitable for new and existing structures such as:

  • Roof slabs
  • Balconies and patios
  • Foundation walls
  • Retainer walls
  •  Board-On Torch (Old IBR roofs)
The Torch-On Membrane Process

Before the bitumen-based torch-on membrane is applied, the surface needs to be cleaned and primed with a bitumen primer.

Then, with the aid of heat fusion, the membrane is fully bonded to the substrate. Each roll laid has overlaps of a minimum of 80mm. The membrane is taken up side walls, up and over parapet walls or finished off with a flashing of stitch bond polyester membrane and liquid bitumen. This ensures that no water can penetrate the membrane.

Two coats of bituminous aluminium silver roof paint are applied over the membrane to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Without the paint the membrane will rapidly deteriorate and lose its efficacy.

Bitumen waterproofing advantages

Bituminous membranes are flexible so they move with the building as it expands or contracts. They are extremely water-resistant which makes them the ideal waterproofing material.