Liquid Waterproofing Systems: Bitumen

Bitumen Liquid waterproofing


Recently, we discussed Cementitious Waterproofing Application and its advantages.

Another application you might want to learn more about is one of the Liquid Waterproofing Applications, bituminous waterproofing.

From a physical aspect, Bitumen is a thick and sticky substance that creates a durable and versatile waterproof coating when combined with a Stitch Bonded Polyester. Utilized to waterproof overlaps and bolts of IBR, corrugated and clip lock roofs, Liquid Bitumen is also considered ideal for small areas such as flashing, parapet walls and around skylights. Although its primary purpose is to protect residential and commercial buildings, bitumen systems are sometimes used to construct roofs in the form of roofing felt.


Liquid roofing is one of the oldest waterproofing solutions, dating back to the early 1800’s. Although the elements have changed due to upgraded technology and innovative methods, bitumen systems are renowned for its advantages such as flexibility and durability. Many home and business owners rave about the cost-effective factor as this application can deliver up to 25 years’ performance, making the long-term cost estimation 70% less expensive than overall roof replacement.

The durability and flexibility are a result of high performance materials. This speaks specifically to the products used in liquid waterproofing and the independent tests required to verify their performance. What’s more is how this system encapsulates the surface it is applied to, protecting it from wearing out. You may notice a coat of silver roof paint is applied over the bitumen liquid. The Bituminous aluminium silver roof paint is applied to protect the bitumen coat from the UV rays, enhancing the effectiveness and longevity of the initial application.


With positive factors such as easy application, high elasticity and long useful life, it’s easy to see why this method is considered a trusted waterproofing solution to many home and business owners.

With over three decades experience, AMCO Waterproofing can provide specialist advice when it comes to deploying an application such as the bitumen liquid waterproofing solution. Contact or inquire with our team today to arrange a free quote.


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